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Lawn Weed Control Treatments

Weeds are definitely unsightly, but they are also harmful to your yard because they compete with grass and other plants for moisture, nutrients, light and space.

To control broadleaf weeds such as dandelion, clover and thistle, apply a post-emergence herbicide, which is absorbed into the leaves and is circulated down into the root system. However, this doesn’t prevent the seeds from germinating and re-infesting a lawn.

Proper fertilization, mowing and irrigation encourage grass to grow in quickly and prevent weed growth. Garrison’s Landscaping can help you develop a total weed treatment and prevention solution.

Crabgrass is a grassy weed, best controlled in the spring, before the weeds germinate. Germination occurs when the soil is above 65 degrees (also the time when forsythias and lilacs bloom).

While hot dry weather encourages crabgrass, a well-maintained lawn that is properly fertilized, watered and mowed rarely has crabgrass.

Garrison’s Landscaping can provide you with a Pre-emergent Weed Control treatment to prevent weeds like crabgrass from showing up in your lawn.

The 7-step Lawn treatment plan…

  1. Mid Winter- Pre-emergence for crabgrass & Broadleaf
  2. Late Winter- Pre-emergence for crabgrass & Broadleaf
  3. Early Spring-Fertilization
  4. Mid Spring – seasonally adjusted feeding, broadleaf weed control with 6% Iron (monitor for disease/insects). Weed control is the main objective of this treatment.
  5. Late Spring– seasonally adjusted feeding, broadleaf weed control with 6% Iron (monitor for disease/insects). Weed control is the main objective of this treatment.
  6. Fall – heavy balanced feeding, designed to compliment the seeding effort. Weed control provided only upon request (if you plan to seed fall weed control can not be applied)
  7. Winter – the heaviest feeding of the season

Lawn Disease Control Treatments

Discolored and spotted grass leaves may be a sign of disease. Lawn diseases, such as leaf spots, Brown Patch or spring dead spot, are caused by fungi. The best way to prevent lawn diseases are to keep your lawn healthy with proper lawn maintenance including; mowing, watering and fertilizing.

If you notice lesions on your grass blades, particularly during cool weather, you might have leaf spots. In the summer months, the fungus infects the blades, spreads to the base of the plant and kills it. Applying a series of fungicide treatments – or calling Garrison’s Landscaping to do it for you – will protect your lawn from devastating injury.

If you already have lawn diseases like dead spots, Garrison’s Landscaping will provide the right lawn treatment to help your lawn recover.

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