Lawn Seeding Services

Lawn Seeding Services

Purpose of Lawn Seeding

Our Lawn Seeding Service is able to increase the density of your lawn. This, in turn, will decrease the chance for weeds and improve the overall look of your lawn. We recommend Fescue grass seed as our seed of choice for our climate. We use a blend, or mix, of fescue grass seed.


The best time of the year to seed is in the fall. Seeding in the fall provides the new seedlings more time to prepare for the stresses of summer. Seeding in the Spring can be performed but requires special applications to help ensure a weed free lawn and still allow for the seeds to germinate.


We will do our part to make sure everything is done right on our end to ensure success. However, the best preparation and seeding work is wasted if the newly seeded lawn does not receive the proper amount of watering to ensure germination.

Lawn Seeding Methods

After aerating, seed would be spread throughout the yard using a fertilizer spreader. This method is best suited for lawns with a few bare areas.

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