What Are Hardscapes ?

Our installers are certified by industry manufacturers to properly install the materials used to build your hardscapes. We use the finest pavers, natural stone, and brick to build the hardscapes that will allow you to enjoy your natural surroundings. From retaining walls to walkways, pavers to stone, Garrison's Landscaping can install the project needed to complete the appearance and function of your landscape. We are here to help you create your outdoor oasis. Call us today for more information on beginning your landscape design project!

Patios Hardscapes

Who doesn’t love relaxing out on the patio? Your new patio can be designed to enhance your experiences there, regardless of how you most spend your time. Lay out on your patio chair and relax in the sun. Huddle around a fire-pit with your sweetie while breathing cold, crisp air of winter. Barbecue with your friends on a cool fall evening and listen to water trickling from a fountain while stringed lights twinkle above your feast on the patio table.


Perhaps you’ve dreamed of stepping across stones nestled in green grass through your garden, or following a brick trail to your favorite reading spot in the yard under a large tree that’s provided shade for decades of enjoyment. Wherever your path may lead you, you can select from a variety of stunning layouts, shapes, sizes and materials and patterns. A walkway protects your grass and ground from the trampling that can come with the to-and-fro travelling in the yard.

Retaining Walls

Our retaining walls add style and strength to your property. Our walls are made from a variety of available materials to match your landscaping design and color palette.  Use a retaining wall in lieu of a large, bulky fence to sculpt privacy into your landscape design, or add sophistication to your drive way with a sturdy but welcoming wall functioning with the flow of your driveway’s curves or lines.

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