Grading Hardscaping Contractor in Greensboro

Grading Hardscaping ContractorGrading Hardscaping Contractor in Greensboro

Garrison’s Landscaping LLC has the right people and equipment for all your land grading needs. Whether for roadways, parking lots or building pads, precise grading is essential to insure proper drainage and a level working field. Garrison’s Landscaping uses state of the art equipment including GPS to achieve the best results. Our experienced staff is proficient at reading and interpreting plans for proper grading results.

Our crews are experienced in working with multiple types of soil and rock. We have experience in grading for curb, roadways, parking lots and building pads in both commercial and residential settings. From the initial staking phase to fine grading Garrison’s Landscaping has the power and equipment to get the job done right.

At Garrison's Landscaping LLC, and as your Grading Hardscaping Contractor in Greensboro we take pride in our ability to perform various landscape grading jobs with ease and efficiency. For years, we have provided Triad clients with comprehensive solutions to all their landscaping concerns, particularly when areas around properties must be properly graded to facilitate tasks involving landscaping or fixing drainage issues.  In all our previous projects, we have shown property owners mastery of our craft that helped us complete our work ahead of the schedule. We’ve also rendered a no-nonsense approach to all our tasks, allowing us to keep clients happy with the results that we provided.

Contact us soon so we can immediately go to the drawing table to map out a personalized and target-specific plan for your property improvement or construction project. We service Browns Summit, Summerfield, Oak Ridge, Greensboro, NC and surrounding areas.

Rough Grading

Rough grading refers to the most basic grading of your lawn and landscaping. During the rough grading process, your lawn is very simply sculpted to bring it to the desired level and slope. In most cases, your landscaper will try to work as much with your existing land structure to keep the level of work and expense down in this step of the grading process.

In many cases, rough grading involves removing the relatively thin layer of topsoil in order to better sculpt the land to your desire. This results in a well-sculpted property that drains as efficiently as possible. Most lawns, whether you realize it or not, are very gently graded in order to allow water to drain efficiently.


Creating the proper amount of drainage is one of the main goals of landscape grading. Determining, the amount of drainage that you desire depends largely on the area that you are grading, and typically requires a gentle slope that will remove any excess water away from your home. For gardens or more complex landscape structures, this may mean something a bit more involved. By allowing for an optimal level of drainage, you can very effectively make your entire landscaping design more self-sufficient and easy to take care of. When properly graded, landscapes ensure that plants get the water that they need without allowing excess water to accumulate.

Landscape Grading

Depending on the scope of your project, you may decide to tackle some of the grading yourself. If you are working with anything but a very small area, however, you should definitely consider hiring a professional. Proper landscape grading cannot typically be done by sight alone. It requires a variety of tools, and a lot of experience to ensure that everything is properly graded and ready for planting. For the best results when beginning a new construction project, building a garden or making other changes to your landscaping, work with a professional to ensure that everything is properly graded. This simple step can help you avoid future issues, and much headache.

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We service Browns Summit, Summerfield, Oak Ridge, Greensboro, NC and surrounding areas.

Grading Hardscaping Contractor in Greensboro