Drainage Grading

Drainage GradingHow proper drainage grading is effective and maintenance-free.

Garrison Landscaping can help you, when you want a permanent drainage grading solution with no equipment to maintain, correcting the grade is the answer. Sometimes, the physical profile of your property channels water to places it doesn’t belong. Re-grading specific areas is often the best way to correct the problem.

How Grading Can Help:

  • Channel water away from your home and yard without any mechanical equipment
  • Permanent, maintenance-free drainage correction
  • Eliminate problem water around your property
  • Reduce ground saturation in yards and gardens
  • Help protect your foundation from unwanted water intrusion
  • Function without mechanical parts that are prone to failure

How Garrison’s Landscaping Can Help You.

Strategic landscape and hardscape finishes complement many of our drainage solutions. Retaining walls, dry creek beds,stones, patios, and walkways not only look great – they can also keep water away from your home or help channel it to another location.

Creating the proper amount of drainage is one of the main goals of landscape grading. Determining, the amount of drainage that you desire depends largely on the area that you are grading, and typically requires a gentle slope that will remove any excess water away from your home. For gardens or more complex landscape structures, this may mean something a bit more involved. By allowing for an optimal level of drainage, you can very effectively make your entire landscaping design more self-sufficient and easy to take care of. When properly graded, landscapes ensure that plants get the water that they need without allowing excess water to accumulate.

Even when landscape and hardscapes finishes aren’t part of your primary drainage solution, we can apply them as required. If you want new sod, seed grass, landscaping, or hardscapes installations as part of your drainage solution, we’ll make it happen.

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